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Providing Support Coordination Service to NDIS Participants across Melbourne

The primary role of support coordinator is to help you to introduce to the service provider in your community that will bring best plan for you.

At Easy Healthcare, we support people with disability to meet their goals and get the life they choose. Our extensive years of experience in provide support coordinator help us to recognise their choice of providers and we strive to make connection that work for them and improve their lifestyle.

We believe in respect, equality, and authentic relationships and these beliefs help us to provide you support that best meet your needs.

As a leading NDIS support provider, Easy health Care assures to arrange an experienced NDIS coordinator who will examine everything for you on a frequent basis, ensuring that you get the service as requested.

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Get the Most Out of Your NDIS Plan With Our Ndis Support Coordination Services

The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is an initiative that aims to provide effective support and personalized care to people who have a disability. Easy healthcare is a leading NDIS service provider in Melbourne that aims to provide effective assistance to people with disability to help them lead a life of their own and reach their goals.

Easy Healthcare provides support coordination services to help you connect to the service providers that will bring the best plans for you and take care of your well-being. We will constantly support you to achieve your goal of overcoming disability and leading a relaxed life. 

This support coordination provided by Easy Healthcare is very beneficial for those facing challenges due to age and disability. It provides access to various service providers that offer required services per the NDIS fund provisions.

Melbourne Support Coordination Services Tailored To You

Easy Healthcare provides financial and administrative support concerning the NDIS plan and assists you in managing the budget. At Easy Healthcare, the skilled and experienced team is ready to provide professional advice and guidance for choosing the best plan that suits your needs. 

We ensure that you get adequate information about the best and most reliable NDIS service providers to avail of the convenient services per your requirements. Our coordination support team will help you utilize the fund, select the appropriate services, and monitor the expenses. A dedicated support coordinator will work with you to help you understand and utilize the plan most effectively and achieve your goals. 

We will make a support coordination plan in consultation with you so that we can take care of your needs and preferences most effectively. We will coordinate with the NDIS team and service providers to manage the funding and appropriate services and help you make the best use of the plan with the necessary funding support. 

Easy Healthcare - NDIS Disability Service Provider Melbourne

Form of Support Available

Easy Healthcare has many years of experience in NDIS service and clearly understands the special needs of persons like you. The support services include assistance in your daily routine work, travel to designated places, interaction with the community, and engagement in group activities. This support would help you develop life skills and improve your confidence and motivation. The various kinds of support functions provided by Easy Healthcare are as follows:

Informal support

It includes support for a health checkup, education, and engagement with relevant social groups. We also help you identify the family members, friends, and community groups expected to take care of your requirements.

Formal Support

NDIS provides financial support to disabled people who cannot arrange funds for availing of the desired NDIS services. We will coordinate with NDIS for funding to enable you to avail the necessary support and services.

The services for which NDIS funding support is available are daily Cleaning and Gardening Services, household tasks, transportation, healthcare, training to develop life skills, maintaining and modifying mobility equipment, etc. Easy Healthcare guides you to decide on the services that best suit your needs and accordingly manage the fund.

Specialist Support Coordination (Level 3)

At Easy Healthcare, we provide Specialist Support Coordination (Level 3). This means we work with participants who have complex needs or situations, helping them navigate their NDIS plans. We know the system can be hard to understand, but our experienced team is good at finding practical solutions to problems. We’re here to help sort out service plans, coordinate with other services, and assist during tough times like crises. Our main goal is to make the NDIS process simpler and more effective for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Support Coordination

The support coordination services provide the client access to a wide range of service providers, help them manage the fund, monitor expenses, and utilize the service plan effectively.

NDIS provides fund support for daily activities, transportation, healthcare, modification of mobility equipment, etc.

Informal support includes access to healthcare facilities, education, and community affairs. It also helps clients identify support groups in family and community.

The support coordinator is dedicated to working with the client to help them avail the best NDIS services and utilize the fund provided.

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