Yes, you have a right to engage your family members in all the stages of the planning process related to the NDIS.

NDIS is professional and experienced in providing health and safety complete support to the NDIS participants and assures to perform its job with complete dedication. You can anytime reach out to us and discuss your needs, and we strive to fulfill your needs and help you to attain your goals.

Yes, it is vital to sketch out a plan before having a meeting with NDIS. We at Easyhealth Care will be happy to assist you throughout your NDIS journey. We assure to detail you on all significant aspects of NDIS like ike the application process, goals, and objectives, and assure to deal with all your queries related to the NDIS eligibility criteria.

You have three different alternatives to manage your funds in your NDIS plan. These are Self-Managing, Plan-Managing, and NDIS- Managing.

Self-Managing: Here, you have complete control to manage your NDIS funds by yourself or you can even ask your family members or relatives to self-manage your funds on your behalf. 

Plan-Managing: Here, you have a right to choose your plan manager to manage your funds on your behalf according to your requirements. This implies that your plan manager is responsible to pay all invoices to your service providers and claim those payments with NDIA on your behalf.

NDIS- Managing: Here, you have a right to choose NDIS registered providers who manage all administration and pay your providers directly on your behalf. 

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