Who can access the NDIS?

NDIS Melbourne Requirements

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is introduced with a mission to provide valuable support to those people who are going through a crucial phase of life due to old age or disability. Many such persons become isolated from family and face challenges to take care of themselves. NDIS service aims at helping those people with a range of specialized, expert care services tailored to suit their needs and help them lead a quality life independently and peacefully. 

The NDIS services provide a team of dedicated and compassionate professionals who can deliver high-quality services to help persons with a disability carry out their tasks, engage in group activities, and develop life skills. People living with disabilities have a unique set of requirements that needs specialized attention and support. 

To ensure value-added support to the needy people and arrange the resources for optimum utilization, the NDIS has fixed certain eligibility criteria for clients to avail of different services provided by NDIS. Here we will discuss in detail what NDIS eligibility is and who can access NDIS services.

NDIS Age Limit

The age limit set by NDIS for availing services is between 7 years and 65 years. Any children below 7 years or a person above 65 years are not eligible for NDIS services but there are alternative programs available for them. There are early childhood programs for children with disabilities and aged below 7 years. Persons above 65 years can avail of aged care services to meet their specific requirements and life goals. 

NDIS Eligibility Victoria

 Residence Requirements

Any Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia can avail of the NDIS services. The residents need to produce a permanent visa or a protected special category visa as evidence of their residential status. In case the information provided doesn’t meet the required criteria, the client may be asked to answer a questionnaire consisting of a few questions related to your residence, work, family, etc. to help the NDIS team determine the residential status and then decide on the NDIS eligibility.

 Disability Requirements

This is the most important information in connection with the services to be provided. The NDIS offers support to only those people suffering from any of the following disabilities.

  • The disability is caused by impairment that affects the normal process of communication, movements, socializing, health care, and self-management.
  • The disability is likely to be permanent. 
  • The disability restricts normal functional activities in daily life.
  • The disability reduces the ability to be involved in social groups and activities.
  • The support requirement may continue for the whole life.

Your NDIS eligibility for receiving disability-specific support can be decided by knowing your functional capacity and where you need more assistance. Your NDIS application must reflect this information in detail. If anyone suffers from more than one permanent disability, we will consider them together to determine if they substantially reduce the functional capacity. We look into your involvement in different areas like home, work, and the community and how your capacity is affected by impairment to carry out the tasks and actions. 

 Early Intervention Requirements

You are eligible for the NDIS services if there is a possibility that you need support now which reduces your future need for support. This early intervention support can ensure that you will likely need less support for your disability in the future. There is an assessment process to determine how the early intervention helps to improve your present status in any of the following ways.

  • Addressing your impairment and preventing it from getting worse
  • Improving your functional capacity
  • Building necessary skills to handle future needs independently

The early intervention may be required also to develop the skills of family members so that they become capable of providing adequate support to the disabled person to meet future requirements.


For updated information about NDIS eligibility in Victoria, visit the official NDIS website here:  https://www.ndis.gov.au/understanding/ndis-each-state/victoria


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