What is NDIS plan management?

NDIS Plan Management

The National Disability Service Scheme (NDIS) is committed to providing quality services and support to clients facing challenges due to serious or permanent disabilities. The support services involve preparing a customized plan to meet the specific requirements of the concerned person suffering from disabilities. NDIS provides fund support to eligible persons based on certain criteria and also helps clients to make the best use of the funds as per their requirements. Plan management is the service provided by NDIS that assists clients in successfully managing their NDIS plan funding. The different support services under plan management are as follows:

  • Monitoring the client’s expenses vis-a-vis the budget provided.
  • Managing the claims received through the client and disbursing funds to the service provider.
  • Providing the client with regular updates on expenses incurred and the status of their budget.
  • Providing notifications to inform the client about over or underutilization of budget.
  • Offering additional options and services and utilization through financial assistance.
  • Offering consultation to the client for the best management of funds considering financial capacity.

Why work with a plan manager?

The customer can opt for plan management services and communicate their requirements at the time of the planning process. The NDIS can include the service charge in the fund support provided to the customer. A plan management service provider will work in consultation with the client to take care of his needs and preferences. There will be a service agreement between both parties that outlines the range of services to be provided as part of plan management, and the roles and responsibilities. The service provider deputes a plan manager who coordinates between the client and the plan management service provider. The responsibility of the plan manager is to offer financial administrative support concerning the plan and assist the client in capacity building to monitor and manage the budget and self-manage the NDIS plan in the future. It is quite beneficial for participants to work with the plan manager who can assist in following the terms of the service agreement and resolve issues through face-to-face or technology-based solutions to meet the support needs.

What exactly do plan managers do?

  • Monitoring the budget of the client according to applicable service agreements.
  • Guiding clients to manage spending according to the budget and service plan.
  • Providing the client with the updated financial status of the plan in coordination with the service provider.
  • Allow customers to access the electronic dashboard and web portals for necessary information.
  • Maintaining records for participants’ claims and details of expenses incurred.
  • Receiving and managing invoices sent by service providers.
  • Receiving funds from the NDIS and disbursing to service providers on behalf of a participant.

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What to expect from the NDIS plan manager? 

A plan manager is expected to discuss with the client about the service plan and decide how they would like to manage the NDIS-funded support for meeting the individualized requirements of the client. This includes giving clarity on how, when, and in which way the claiming and payments will be processed. The plan manager must communicate to the client that the plan management doesn’t deal with services not funded by NDIS. The plan manager should improve the client’s awareness of the NDIS price guide and support items related to the participant’s plan. The plan manager is supposed to monitor the fund disbursement and inform the participant if there is a potential for overspending. The plan manager also provides the client access to a wide range of service providers that offer services within the fund limit of the NDIS plan.


A plan management support primarily relates to the management of the funded supports as per the NDIS plan provided to the client. A plan manager has the responsibility to support the client for plan implementation in line with the mutually agreed terms. The plan management does not extend support for administration, management, or maintenance of the entire NDIS plan or provide any disability-related support services. 

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