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Providing Personal Care Services to NDIS Participants across Melbourne

At Easy Healthcare, we understand that sometimes managing everyday task and activities become hectic or impossible to manage as we grow older. Either you are looking to get little assistance getting your big day started or more continuous assistance, we are available 24/7 to help you with your everyday life. Our personal care services are tailor-made to best meet your specific needs and fits with your NDIS plan.

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Our expert care support team in Melbourne can help with a wide range of tasks including:
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Offering Reliable Personal Care Services

Easy Healthcare believes in client satisfaction and offers clients full choice and control over their required services. This means the clients get the most reliable support and advice whenever required. People with disabilities have a unique set of requirements that need specialised attention and support. Easy Healthcare has a team of skilled and experienced support staff capable of handling the physical and mental health issues of clients suffering from disabilities. 

The focus is to provide support in performing personal activities and taking personal care by a team of empathetic, friendly, and trained NDIS support workers. It would help clients minimise the stress from physical challenges while carrying out personal activities. The clients and their families feel comfortable and relaxed in the presence of qualified support staff committed to delivering safe, reliable, and personalised care and services.

Melbourne NDIS Personal Care Services: Get Help You Need to Live Your Life

Any service becomes more effective and valuable if it has a personal touch. Easy Healthcare not only provides professional services but always focuses on building a relationship of trust and reliability with the client by serving them with compassion, dedication, and care. Easy Healthcare provides dedicated and compassionate care professionals who can deliver high-quality, in-home assistance for persons with a disability to carry out personal tasks. Our team is committed to providing caring and nurturing support to people with disabilities to help them lead a normal life of well-being. 

The disability support workers under NDIS offer personal assistance in individual care like bathing, dressing, feeding, etc., and regularly take care of medical and health requirements.

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Providing the Highest Level of Care and Support

People with disabilities often receive support from caregivers who belong to their family, friends, and community circle. These people take care of the ill, elderly, and disabled people and support them in performing various tasks. This caregiving is a vital job and demands proper attention, effort, and energy on part of caregivers to help disabled people lead safe and comfortable lives. 

But it is not possible for such caregivers to continuously attend to someone, so NDIS offers short-term caring services to give some relief to primary caregivers who need a break. Easy Healthcare provides respite care services across Melbourne to deliver the same kind of support as given by primary caregivers. 

The Easy Healthcare professionals have extensive experience in providing respite care services and are committed to providing the highest level of care to your loved ones while assuring that their needs are met.

Providing Community Participation Service and Promoting the planting, cultivating and keeping of gardens in residential and public areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Care

People with disabilities find it difficult to take care of personalised tasks. The NDIS support team assists them in their care and helps them maintain their health and well-being.

Easy Healthcare assists in personal activities like bathing, dressing, cooking, shaving, feeding, and communicating with friends and families.

The support staff taking care of the personal activities of the client must be skilled and trained in such activities and should also be caring and compassionate to gain the client’s trust.

The primary focus of delivering personal care services should be to ensure clients’ comfort level and motivate them to overcome their physical challenges.

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