NDIS Plan Application: 5 Tips to Get Approved

NDIS Application

At Easy Healthcare, we understand how crucial NDIS funding is for enabling independence and fulfilment for Australians with disabilities. We also know that the application process can seem overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful blog post to guide you through applying for NDIS funding.

1. Addressing Your Unique Support Needs


When dealing with your distinct set of disabilities, it’s vital to articulate your specific requirements for support. Key areas where you may need assistance include:

  • Mobility: If moving around is a challenge, make sure to communicate your need for mobility aids and personal support.
  • Personal Care: Outline any assistance necessary for bathing, dressing, and eating due to physical limitations.
  • Daily Tasks: Clearly express any difficulties you face in cooking, cleaning, and gardening.
  • Education: Detail the support needed to access learning resources and ensure comfortable studying.
  • Social Interaction: Highlight the importance of social inclusion and engagement to boost your motivation and sense of belonging.
  • Healthcare Services: If specialised healthcare or routine medical procedures are part of your needs, clarify that.
  • Emotional Support: Acknowledge the significance of emotional and psychological assistance in managing challenges.

2. Familiarise Yourself with NDIS Funding Criteria


Get acquainted with the eligibility criteria set by the National Disability Insurance Scheme. These criteria revolve around the following factors:

  • Permanent Disability: Your daily life must be significantly impacted by a lasting disability.
  • Age Requirement: Applicants need to be under 65 years of age.
  • Functional Capacity: Your disabilities should substantially hinder your ability to perform daily tasks.
  • Impact of Impairment: The disabilities should affect your work, studies, communication, or social participation.

3. Approach Your Application Systematically


Take a systematic approach to your NDIS support plan application. Gather essential supporting documents, including prescriptions, recommendations for assistive equipment, and ongoing treatment plans. These documents provide a comprehensive overview of your needs, helping assessors tailor a plan suited to your circumstances.

4. Align Your Plan with Personal Goals


Choose NDIS support categories that align with your aspirations and life goals. Prioritise funding for services and tools that address both immediate and long-term needs. Develop a strategic plan that caters to urgent requirements and propels your development and goal achievement. This strategic approach ensures that the chosen plan enhances your capabilities and independence.

5. Partner with a Reputable NDIS Service Provider


Collaborate with a leading NDIS service provider to enhance your chances of success. These providers possess deep knowledge of the disability support system and can help streamline your plan approval process. They align services with your goals, expedite applications, and enhance interactions with the NDIS. Working with an experienced provider boosts the probability of hassle-free approval.

Easy Healthcare, a leading NDIS service provider, offers personalised services for individuals with disabilities. Our tailored support encompasses personal care, daily activities, and medical needs, guaranteeing comfort and convenience. Our adept disability support workers guide you with empathy and care, empowering you to maximise the benefits of your NDIS plan and achieve independence and enrichment in life.

Easy Healthcare is an NDIS support provider based in Melbourne, offering Domestic Care, Community Participation, Respite Care, Support Coordination, and cleaning and Gardening Services services to NDIS participants.  If you have any questions about our NDIS support services, contact us at 1300 959 358.

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