Medium Term Accommodation (MTA)

Our MTA service help people with disability have safe, secure, and accessible place to live while waiting for long-term accommodation or other services. For more information, get in touch with us today. 

About MTA

The MTA program is designed to help you plan for your future accommodation needs after you leave a residential aged care facility. You can use the MTA program to help with the cost of renting and maintaining your own home or moving into a retirement village.


MTA ensures that people with disability have safe, secure, and accessible places to live while waiting for long-term accommodation or other services. It also helps people with disability who are moving into an aged care facility by providing short-term accommodation until they have settled into their new home.

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Why Easy Healthcare ?

Easy Healthcare provides high-quality care and support for people with disabilities and their families. Our residential care and supported accommodation services are tailored to meet your needs.


Easy Healthcare is an approved service provider for NDIS MTA for people who need medium-term accommodation. We have worked with people who have physical disabilities or mental health issues and those who are socially isolated from their family or friends. Our services are designed to help you get back on track with your daily routine while you wait for the next stage of your care plan.

Respite Care Services We Offer

Our Easy Healthcare professionals have extensive experience in providing respite care services and are happy to provide the highest level of care to your loved ones while assuring that their needs are met.

Frequently Asked Questions about Respite Care

MTA is a government-funded program that provides medium-term accommodation for up to 90 days. You can use it to find a place to stay while you look for a new home or even after you’ve moved in but haven’t settled in yet.

It’s a great way to help with moving costs, and it’ll give you a chance to settle into your new place before worrying about making rent payments.

You can apply for funding for medium-term accommodation if you meet the NDIS requirements for funding. This is generally for up to 90 days but can be longer depending on your circumstances.

The amount of funding you may be able to get will depend on what type of accommodation you need and how many people are in your household.

Medium-term accommodation only covers the cost of the accommodation for the time you stay there. It doesn’t include day-to-day living costs like food, internet, or electricity.

You will be assigned a staff member to help with your medical needs while at home. Your support worker will work with a medically trained professional who can assist and support you 24/7, including taking medication if necessary. If additional help is needed, your support worker can call on other professionals to help.

You may want to bring some personal possessions when you move into your new home under the SIL program.

When it comes to personal space, such as your bedroom, you can bring beds, bedside tables, photos, TVs, or anything else that will help make the room a place where you feel comfortable and happy.

When it comes to things that can be placed in common areas (such as kitchens), these items will need to be discussed with other occupants.

There are many ways to get started if you are looking for a provider of MTA services. You can contact the service providers directly. If you’d like to talk with NDIS experts about your plans, our helpline staff would be happy to assist you.

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