How SDA Differs from Other Types Of Disability Accommodation?

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Specialised Disability Accommodation (SDA) is an accommodation arrangement for those with severe intellectual or physical disabilities. SDA housing support by NDIS considers the participants’ highly specialised needs. It prepares tailor-made solutions that effectively support people in leading an autonomous life while receiving all the necessary care and attention. SDA may be the best fit for someone who requires high support or special housing arrangements to care for their disability needs. 

SDA Accommodation Features

The features of SDA accommodation are primarily based on the SDA Design Standard set by NDIS. Specialised Disability Accommodation can have the following housing attributes for providing the required disability support to the disabled NDIS participants:

  • Enhanced liveability
  • Robust
  • Highly accessible
  • Substantial physical support

Differences Between SDA and Other Disability Accommodations

SDA is a part of the larger goal of improving living conditions for people with disabilities, as are other NDIS housing supports. However, SDA primarily focuses on infrastructure meant for people with more severe disabilities and support needs. The way in which SDA differs from other forms of NDIS accommodation facilities is explained below.

  • SDA is designed to support people with severe functional impairments or substantial assistance needs. In comparison, other accommodation supports from NDIS offer a more generalised solution to cover a broader range of disability types and needs.
  • The funding for SDA covers the costs associated with the physical environment or housing, including the structures and furnishings required to provide the supporting circumstances for the participant. Other NDIS housing options like supported independent living (SIL) usually include assistance with daily living, house adaptations, and other supports primarily related to the services offered rather than the structure itself.
  • The goal of SDA is to prepare a long-term housing option for people with permanent or severe disabilities that they can avail of consistently. In contrast, other housing services offered by NDIS, such as medium-term or short-term accommodations, may be more flexible and adaptable to the participant’s changing needs and preferences. 

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Role of SDA Providers

The SDA providers have specialised knowledge and the necessary experience to handle people’s disability needs. They can effectively organise specialised disability accommodations that make some positive impact on the lives of people facing extreme levels of disability and require extensive support and care. SDA providers ensure a safe, accessible, durable, and adaptable SDA environment for NDIS participants that provides privacy and comfort.

At Easy Healthcare, we are dedicated to enhancing the lives of those with significant disabilities through expertly managed Specialised Disability Accommodation (SDA). Our experienced providers craft safe, private, and adaptable living environments that profoundly impact the daily lives of NDIS participants. These accommodations are designed to be durable and accessible, ensuring comfort and independence. Contact us today for more information on how we can support your specific needs.



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