How does specialist support coordination help NDIS participants?

NDIS support coordination is a valuable form of help for NDIS participants. Its main goal is to assist individuals in understanding and using their NDIS plan effectively to achieve their objectives. 

By connecting participants with suitable NDIS support providers, it ensures access to the right services. This support builds participants’ skills and confidence in navigating the NDIS system. It offers high-level assistance from experienced professionals, addressing complex needs and overcoming challenges in managing disability support. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the power of NDIS support coordination in empowering participants on their unique journey to a more fulfilling life within the NDIS framework

Role of a Specialist Support Coordinator

A specialist support coordinator is a qualified and experienced individual who is able to manage the participant’s unique needs, objectives, and aspirations. Typically, they are in charge of managing the following tasks:

  • Closely collaborates with clients and their families to identify the most efficient means of providing support in accordance with the NDIS plan.
  • Assists participants in identifying the NDIS and other helpful resources and service providers.
  • Work together with clients to create a detailed service plan, and then track and manage progress to ensure that the plan is effective.
  • Guides in budget planning and monitoring so that the most appropriate support services are used.
  • Assists clients with disabilities in developing the necessary skills to comprehend and use the NDIS plan.

The dedicated support coordinators of Easy Healthcare have rich experience and knowledge to help you with specialized support coordination, facilitating communication with reliable NDIS support providers, and guiding you to manage your services in line with your requirements and goals. 

 Benefits Achieved Through Support Coordination

Specialist support coordination plays a crucial role in helping NDIS participants navigate and access the support services they need. This support service guides and assists the clients in dealing with complexities that affect their ability to access and manage appropriate support services. 

It focuses on involving the clients, their families, and caregivers to identify a range of support requirements and accordingly design a service plan to meet the specialized needs. The support coordination service helps NDIS participants in different ways as explained below.

 Professional Support Service

Specialist support coordinators are well-versed in the NDIS framework and can help participants through any challenges they may encounter while trying to access the NDIS plan. By identifying the issues that require immediate treatment and guaranteeing the efficiency and accessibility of the NDIS plan, they provide clients with professional support services. Specialist support coordinators are trained and experienced to accurately analyze the client’s demands and provide the service to meet the client’s complicated assistance needs. 

Connection With Support Providers

Specialist support coordinators are well-connected and knowledgeable about the local service industry. This enables them to match participants with the services that are most fit for their needs and aspirations. They can aid participants in discovering a wide range of resources, both financed and unfunded, that can help them achieve their objectives. 

In order to guarantee consistent delivery of services and access to pertinent support during crises or unforeseen situations, they also cooperate with numerous sources such as NDIS providers, community organizations, and other government services.

Managing NDIS Budget

A crucial element of the duty of a support coordinator is to help the participant keep track of their plan funds. Support coordinators assist participants in keeping an eye on their plan budgets to make sure they are spending their allocated funds wisely and not excessively. This may entail monitoring expenditures, assessing the efficacy of support, and making necessary adjustments. Additionally, based on the unique services that the client may require, they can determine the financial requirement. 

Build Capacity and Capability 

Support coordinators assist clients in understanding their plans, making good use of NDIS services, and selecting the right support. This may entail assisting clients with budget management, service delivery coordination, and relationship management with service providers. Support coordination strives to help participants navigate the NDIS’s complexities and use their services most efficiently leading toward a satisfying, independent life.  


NDIS specialist support coordination aims to provide service to clients with an expert approach to reduce the complexities and risks in their support environment. These services can make a positive impact on people’s lives by delivering effective assistance and guidance as needed by the client in managing the support facilities. 

Easy HealthCare is a reputed NDIS service provider with professional experience in delivering specialist support coordination services to clients. It provides customized and individualized assistance to participants to effectively deal with the challenges and get the most out of their support plans.


Easy Healthcare is an NDIS support provider based in Melbourne, offering Domestic Care, Community Participation, Respite Care, Support Coordination, and cleaning and Gardening Services services to NDIS participants.  If you have any questions about our NDIS support services, contact us at 1300 959 358.

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