Health & Safety

Easy Healthcare has responded promptly and carefully to ensure the health and safety of our customers and to assist our staff, in accordance with national government requirements. Strict standards and regulations have been introduced by us that our support staff must abide by and comply to safeguard the safety of our clients.

We acknowledge the importance of our purpose of providing our customers with services, but our support personnel’s safety is more essential and more broadly based, our work is done, and rigorous hygiene standards are monitored, temperature checks are carried out, symptoms and other diseases with exposure potential are reported and noted. 

We ensure to always keep it ready to open for small group programs in our community & service centers and maintaining social distances and capacity inside the activity rooms have been established, as well as sessions to continue social distance and healthcare praxis. This practise and measurement phase guarantees that all our participants and customers are safeguarded in compliance with the suggestion of the government.

Today we provide 1 in 1 sessions and small groups to assist customers in activities such as

  • in-home services, online programmes & necessary community supports (such as shopping, exercising, and attending medical appointments)
  • leisure activities in the outdoors in community programmes at community hubs

Our visitor policy

Visitors to our main office and hub centre will be verified at the arrival and asked the following questions prior to their departure in order to safeguard Easy Healthcare personnel and customers:

We are here to assist you, and we promise that nothing will be sold unless it is safe and legal. Health and Safety will continue to be our top priority.

Do you have a nagging ailment? Do you have a cough, a fever, or shortness of breath if this is the case? Is someone you know sick or exhibiting any of these symptoms? Have you or someone you live with just returned from a trip abroad? Have you been in touch recently with somebody diagnosed by a physician or requested to self-isolate with coronavirus??

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