Community Participation

The NDIS Community Participation supports people with disability to take part in their community. This might include social and recreational activities, education, employment and volunteering. 

Providing Community Participation Service to NDIS Participants across Melbourne

Assistance with community participation is funding under the NDIS cores support category. Australians with a disability under the age of 65 years can use community participation funding to improve their ability to participate in community, social, and recreational activities. This includes things like complete assistance to involve in community-based activities and participate in social groups.

Community Participation

At Easy Healthcare, we assure to offer continuous support that strengthens your ability to live an independent lifestyle and participate actively in your community-based activities.  This can be possible by helping you to get in touch with providers and community groups. They will provide you complete assistance for meeting the appointments and using the opportunities of participation in social activities.

At Easy Healthcare, we provide you complete assistance with:

  •   Participate in recreational and social activities.
  •   Vising Local Library
  •   Strengthening skills, adopting new interest or help you to learn new things.
  •   Camps, classes, and vacation activities.
  •   Volunteering
  •   Watching a movie or attending a concert
  •   Attending Community events
  •   Joining a sporting club.

How does Community Participation Support Benefits You?

Community Participation Support at Easy Health Care will offer you following benefits:

  • It enhances your behaviour and attitude.
  • It enhances your personality and boost your self-confidence.
  • It may minimize your need of long-term care and support. This may eventually minimize your expenses.
  • It may help you to live independently without needing any support. You don’t have to depend on anyone else to interact or shop on your behalf.

How To Receive Community Participation Support With Easy Health Care?

You can access this support from Easy Healthcare if you have NDIS fund that includes “Social and community engagement”. Our community involvement services are flexible and best meet your needs. You can anytime contact us to get civic participation support.

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