Did you know?
(As cited in the Queensland Strategy for Chronic Disease 2005-2015)

  • More than one-third of all deaths are the result of a chronic disease that could have been prevented
  • 7 out of 10 patients seen by a General Practitioner have at least one chronic disease
  • When a personís chronic disease is not managed properly it can lead to unnecessary complications and hospital admissions
MBS Service MBS item
Comprehensive Medical Assessment 712
Residential Medication Management Review 903
GP Management plan 721, 725
Team Care arrangement 723, 727
Home Medicine Review 900
Mental health assessment  2710
Aged 75+ health assessment 700,702
Aged 45+ health check 717
Diabetes cycle of care 2517, 2521, 2525
Asthma cycle of care  
Child health check 708
Aged 15-54 health check 710
Aged 55+ health assessment 704, 706

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